the creative vacation!

What are craft-cations

Craft-cations allow you to visit wonderful part of the world and give you are touch of creativity while you are there.

Essentially there are a number of items you pick to design the perfect holiday for yourself… you pick…

A type of craft activity

A time that works for you

A place to stay

and you come along and everything is provided for you.

Typically classes will be for 4-6 hours per day over a one, two or three day period; check out our Classes! page for ideas on the types of activities you could do.

There are a HUGE number of places to stay, from caravan parks, Airbnb’s and glamping options you can start your search here: Where to stay

You can then either select a pre-designed weekend that you can view on our calendar, or contact us for a time and class that is designed just for you. Typically we aim to have classes of 5-6 people.

The rest of your time away can be spent relaxing and enjoying the wonderful aspects of the area. We have an established relationship with ADACOU who hire various water sport and fishing tuition and hire. You can find more about them here!

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